EIBA 2011 Panel: It’s about Time: Studying Internationalisation as a Process

A panel on studying internationalisation as a process was held at the 37th EIBA conference, Bucharest, 8-10 December 2011.

Presenters and their topics were:

  1.  Peter Zettinig (University of Turku), Sascha Fuerst (EAFIT University) and Birgitta Sandberg (University of Turku): ‘Toward an understanding of transformation processes of entrepreneurial new ventures into multinational corporations’
  2. Lisa Hewerdine (University of Adelaide) and Catherine Welch (University Sydney): ‘The secret history of the “Born Global”: Insights from process-based research’ 
  3. Lawrence Welch (Melbourne Business School): ‘Process in the internationalisation process? Revisiting the past’


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