Research symposium Adelaide University 25 March 2011

International Business, Research Roundtable 25 March 2011, Business School, University of Adelaide

A day-long roundtable was held to address the question:“Internationalisation as Process: How Should We Proceed?”. The discussion commenced with a keynote address by Professors Ian Wilkinson (University of Sydney) and Louise Young (University of Western Sydney).

The program was as follows:

10-10.10am: Associate Professor Susan Freeman and Dr Catherine Welch: Welcome

10.10-10.30am: Profs Ian Wilkinson and Louise Young: From variables to process theorising (Part 1)

10.30-10.40am: Discussion

Tea break: 10.40-10.50am

10.50-11.10am: Profs Ian Wilkinson and Louise Young: From variables to process theorising (Part 2)

11.10-11.20am: Discussion

11.20-11.35: Chis Medlin: Time and process in business network research

11.35-11.45: Discussion

11.45-12.00 Melanie Smans: The internationalisation of immigrant ethnic entrepreneurs

12.00-12.10: Discussion

12.10- 12.25 Dr Lisa Hewerdine: The temporal embeddedness of internationalisation patterns: Evidence from the Australian biotechnology industry

12.25-12.35: Discussion

Lunch 12.35-1.05

1.05-1.20 Dr Riku Laanti: Internationalisation as a process

1.20-1.30 Discussion

1.30-1.45 Dr Olga Muzychenko: Empirical investigation of international opportunity identification by Australian entrepreneurs

1.45-1.55 Discussion

1.55- 2.10 Dr Fred Robins: Internationalisation theory: Do we really have one?

2.10-2.20 Discussion

2.20-2.35 Dr Wahid Murad and A/P Susan Freeman: Did globalization cause an extraordinary economic growth in China?

2.35- 2.45 Discussion

2.45-3.00 Susan Freeman and Catherine Welch: Closing session

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